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              About 15 years ago I bought and moved into my condo.  At that time I was assured that all the preexisting leaks had been repaired and the house was sound.  The building inspector I hired supported that claim.  In my first winter the place leaked like a sieve and thus began my personal odyssey of leak repair.  My first move was to contact the other 4 owners in the building and request that the HOA initiate repairs of common areas.  I was at that time told that ALL the units leaked in the same place, and that the HOA would take on the problem.  Over the course of the next 5 years ever summer a different contractor was hired to fix leaks and every winter we would discover to our dismay that the leaks were still there.  Sick of HOA failure I began hiring contractors of my own, and time and time again things were not fixed, leading to small claims courts, ongoing water damage, mold, etc…

Then I found Jack and From the Ground Up Construction.  Jack came in, diagnosed the problem, and fixed it.  Period.  End of story       If you want to hire a contractor who is straight forward, honest, efficient, effective, capable, and trustworthy, then I would strongly recommend Jack and From the Ground Up construction.

                                                                                          Dr. John Phipps PT, DPT


To Whom It May Concern:

We are Accurate Design and Engineering firm. We have design and manage several projects, New Construction, Complete Home Renovation and Remodels. We work very close with are clients to insure the best quality design and workmanship so that at the end the client vision of their new home was accomplish.

To accomplish are clients vision and have the project go smooth we needed a general contractor to work with us and the client. We have work with several general contractors and home improvements contractors. When we started working with Jack From The Ground Up J.R.F Construction back in 1997 on a 5000 square foot home. We where impress by his vision of the project and seeing problems to are attention before the problems accurse. The ability to be hands on and manage the project at the same time.

Making sure the job site was clean for inspection and when we had meeting with the clients and futures clients. To be able to see the details when it came to the finish end of the project. The most important value, was working with us and the client, making sure everyone was taken care of. Doing what ever it takes to make sure the client was satisfied with the end result.

We have built a great relationship with Jack From The Ground Up over the years and we enjoy working with him and his employees and many more years to come.


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